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B-H Analyzer MS-03

Fast automatic equipment for research & development of soft magnetic materials
50Hz ~ 1MHz



  • Wide band frequency range from 50Hz to 1MHz.
  • Voltage : ±23V, max. / Current : ±5.0A, max. 50 Hz to 1MHz  power amplifier.
  • Research (accurate) and production (fast) mode.
  • Express control (1 sec) without causing the windings
  • AutoPlay measurements
  • Classification according to the given ranges
  • Russian-English interface
  • Open architecture based on standard PC with Windows
  • A database of measurements on the hard disk
  • Measurement data output on monitor and printer
  • The state register of measuring instruments of RF: 66639-17
  • ТР ТС № RU Д-RU.OM02.B.14217
Sample parameters: Effective magnetic length, Effective cross section, number of turns of windings, Weight.
Test conditions: Frequency: F, Maximum field strength: Hm, Maximum flux density: Bm, RMS induced voltage: V1, RMS exciting current: I1, Total Harm. Distortion: THD, Phaze.
Meazured parameters: Total magnetic flux  (2Фm), Magnetic flux density (Bm), Residual magnetic flux density (Br), Rectangular ratio (Br/Bm), Relative amplitude permeability (μa): PERM, Coercive force (Hc), Core loss (Pc,Pcv,Pcm).


Measurement method

DIGITIZING method (IEC62044-3)

Waveform display

B-H curve, Excitation current, Induced voltage

Test frequency

Sinusoidal  50Hz~ 1MHz

Output current


± 5 A, max

Output voltage


± 23 V (± 46V), max

Magnetic field signal detection

Voltage drop at Non-inductive resister, Maximum current at ±5A

Magnetic flux density signal detection

Voltage detection at induced voltage detection coil, Maximum signal detection voltage at ±40V


8 bits, 100 MHz

Sample connection method

Universal 2  coil (winding) method; Express method without causing the windings (3 +1 turns)


Instrumental computer

Standard PC with Windows in agreement.

Measurement accuracy (23°C ±5°C)

-       Set frequency  F                                                         ±0.1%

-       H amplitude measurement                                            ±1%

-       2Фm amplitude measurement                                    ±1.5%

-       B amplitude measurement                                            ±2%

-       Core loss measurement                                                 ±5%

Measurement time

Approx. 1 sec./step (when the measured frequency is 1 kHz or more)


AC 230V, 50/60 Hz ,  Approx. 500VA (MAX.)

Operating temperatures

+5°C  to +40°C


- Generator                                                                              2.8 kg

- Oscilloscope                                                                         0.9 kg

- Power amplifier                                                                  12.0 kg

- Measurement POD                                                               0.7 kg


- Generator                                                         229×105×281 mm

- Oscilloscope                                                       260×210×70 mm

- Power amplifier                                                480×350×140 mm

- Measurement POD                                             165×170×70 mm

Universal Measurement POD 




Express Measurement POD (3 +1 turns)


 DSCN0246 обр



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