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April 13-15, 2021

PC "MSTATOR" took part in the international exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2021" - the 23rd International Exhibition of Electronic Components, Modules and Components.


  • Number of participants: 282 participants from 9 countries
  • Exhibition area: 12 577 sq. m.
  • Number of unique visitors: 11 317
  • Number of events in the business program: 26
  • Speakers: 104 industry experts
  • Number of unique visitors to the business program in 3 days: 1,000 +
  • Number of applications from companies to participate in exhibitions in 2022: 200 +


More than 100 Russian manufacturers and developers of electronic components, as well as equipment and materials for the production of electronics, took part in the 2021 exhibition.

Foreign companies (China, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Germany, France, Czech Republic, South Korea, Armenia and Belarus) took part in the exhibitions through their representative offices and distributors.


MSTATOR plant traditionally took part in the exhibition

At the exhibition, a demonstration of new products was carried out:

  • common mode chokes - new product line;
  • transformers for Ethernet;
  • high-temperature magnetic cores made of amorphous / nanocrystalline materials (working temperature limit 250 ~ 300 ° C).


Also at the stand you could get acquainted with other products:

  • ribbon and powder cores made of amorphous and nanocrystalline materials (from 3 mm ~ 200 mm) - ;
  • pulse transformers (including MIL-STD-1553B standard );
  • micro-chokes and micro-inductances (SMD).




More consultations

This year, the management of MSTATOR took into account your wishes for last year's exhibition activities and attracted more technical specialists for consultation.

Almost every developer tried to solve four main problems of designing a microcircuit or block using our amorphous and nanocrystalline materials:

  • first of all, the issues of solving the problems of electromagnetic compatibility were raised,
  • the issue of minimizing components on the board is especially acute, especially in height,
  • no less priority is given to the search for planar components for automated assembly,
  • mandatory import substitution.



Import substitution

More and more often, angry remarks are heard in the direction of Asian manufacturers from our partners due to the failure of contracts and delivery times. Import substitution in the context of the unpredictable development of the world economy has recently been expedient, especially for large manufacturers of electronic devices / equipment in Russia. It should be noted that not every modern Russian enterprise could provide high-quality and science-intensive production of domestic electronic components, especially with superior characteristics.



The MSTATOR is actively searching for enterprises, whose demand in analogues of foreign firms could be satisfied with our products .

If you have a list for purchases of foreign components (transformers, throttles, magnetic cores), then feel free to send it to us.

Consider, select, develop:





Молодые специалисты

Свои знания и умения смогли показать молодые сотрудники технических подразделений, внимательно выслушивая и консультируя каждого посетителя. Это молодые люди, которым очень важны в работе интересные вызовы и задачи, перспектива стать экспертом в какой-то конкретной сфере. 


The result of the exhibition activity can be considered successful, which is confirmed by the annual heightened interest in our products and new promising business contacts.

We are always willing to help our clients develop their business in a constantly changing environment.


We look forward to meeting you next year at ExpoElectronica-2022

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The company's managers will be happy to answer your questions and calculate the cost of services and prepare an individual commercial offer.

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