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Automatic parameters measuring machin for cores

The machine is designed for measuring 8 parameters of the dynamic hysteresis loop of toroidal cores made of soft magnetic materials and for dividing of checked products into 4 groups (applicable and 3 types of defects) in terms of mass production.



Design features and main properties

The automatic machine is based on "MS-03 B-H ANALYZER" measuring complex. The machine divides faulty products by the defect type into three groups according to pre-set preferences. The machine has a feeding bunker, divided by a central partition into two halves and two separate measuring/sorting trays. This provides the ability to work simultaneously with two different part types of products (different diameters) at two different frequencies. The machine saves the data containing information about the date, amount of tested products of each part-type and the amount of applicable and faulty products. The machine's program allows to store a database about tested products and to perform statistical analysis of this data with the conclusion of probability density distribution over the interval of values for each measured parameter – that process-planners use to correct the technology settings.


Technical features

  • The cores outer diameter including case is 11.9 to 22.5 mm. Tray’s height is adjustable within the specified limits.
  • The height of a core with a case varies from 4.8 to 12 mm. The machine ia adjusted strictly to the height specified by the customer (by default – 6.3 mm in the case). Readjusting the machine demands the replacement of trays, contact node and bunker parts.
  • The time of automatic loading, contact and parameters measuring for a single product is 0.9 to 3 seconds depending on the position of the software ‘speed/precision’ controller.
  • The production capability of the machine is 60000 pcs per 8-hour shift.
  • The machine is maintained by the operator who loads the products into the bunker, unloads applicable products and performs the required readjustment when changing the product part types. One operator maintains 2-3 machines depending on his skill level.
  • The measured frequency range is 100 Hz to 1MHz.
  • Basic accuracy is ±3%.
  • The machine dimentions (including the table) are 1300×900×1340 mm.


Measured hysteresis loop parameters

  • Double flux 2Фm, uWb;
  • Magnetic induction amplitude Bm, T;
  • Remanence Br, T;
  • Squareness ratio Br/Bm;
  • Coercitivity Hc, A/m;
  • Relative magnetic permeability m0 (PERM);
  • Losses Pc, W;
  • Specific loss Pcm, W/kg.


Measurment regime parameters

  • While running the machine program will display the values of measurment regime parameters;
  • The actual test coil voltage value Urms, V;
  • The actual magnetizing coil current value Irms, A;
  • Magnetic induction amplitude Bm, T;
  • Magnetic field amplitude Hm, A/m;
  • Magnetizing signal frequency F, Hz.


Power supply

The machine is powered from a single-phase 200-240 V AC @ frequency of 48 to 62 Hz. Maximum power consumption is 1 kW. Built in UPS with double conversion (pure correct sine voltage wave).


Requirements for compressed air

The machine is to be plugged to filtered and dry compressed air under pressure of 4 to 8 MPa, with allowable particle size of less than 5 microns. Maximum air comsumption is 15 l/min.




Fig. 1 Main panel


Fig. 2 ‘Machine preferences / General’ panel


Fig. 3 ‘Machine preferences / manual adjustment’ panel


Fig. 4 ‘Machine preferences / Static’ panel

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