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This machine employs the technology of producing amorphous ribbon by spinning, which allows super-fast (105-106°C) cooling a flat melt jet on the surface of rotating water-cooled copper disk.

The structure obtained in amorphous ribbons is similar to glass due to the absence of the crystal lattice. Nanocrystalline structure in the ribbons of a certain chemical composition is obtained by controlled crystallization (heat treatment) of the initial amorphous material. 

SATURN spinning machine produces up to 50 mm wide and 15 to 30 um thick ribbon. The ribbon width is defined by the nozzle and thickness – by spinning process parameters. 

OJSC MSTATOR produces a wide range of AMAG amorphous and nanocrystalline ribbons. Electromagnetic properties of ribbons and their derivatives are defined by their composition and by thermomagnetic treatment mode.


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