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B-H Analyser

a.  Application:

The measuring complex is designed for measuring the dynamic electromagnetic parameters of toroidal magneic cores made of amorphous soft magnetic materials in terms of mass production without winding test coils.

b. Design features:

The measuring complex is based on virtual digital two-channel storage oscilloscope ASK-3105, installed in the PC system unit.The original magnetizing and connection devices allow rapid measurement and sorting by eight parameters of the hysteresis loop without applying measuring coils. Fast automatic measurement mode stabilization and effective protection against short circuits in the magnetizing circuit are provided. Measurements in sine/square induction regime are supported. The complex has a remote control and can work in automatic measuring system. Archiving measurements data. Color, sound and LED sorting alarm. Russian and English interface.

c. Measured parameters:

  • double magnetic flux 2 Фm;
  • Magnetic induction amplitude Bm;
  • Remanence Br;
  • Squareness ratio Br/Bm;
  • Coercitivity Hc;
  • Relative permeability µ0;
  • Losses Pc;
  • Specific loss Pcm.

d. Main technical characteristics:

  • Measuring frequency range 100 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Basic accuracy is ±3%.
  • The time of parameters measuring for a single product including mounting and removal is 1.2 to 5 seconds depending on the position of the software ‘speed/precision’ controller.

Power supply: 220 V AC, 50 (60) Hz, single phase.

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