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MODULE – 1 and MODULE – 30 Automatic Сore Winding Machines

The machines are designed for winding toroidal choke and transformer cores of 0.015 to 0.025 mm thick amorphous soft magnetic ribbons. The technological cycle of the machine is controlled by a microprocessor. The tension of the ribbon is adjustable with its subsequent maintaining over the winding cycle. Winding velocities over the cycle, the magnitude of welding current pulse to weld inside and outside turns. Machines are installed on the assembly table on the area of 1.5 square meters.


  "MODULE-1" "MODULE-30"
The productivity of the machine P (pcs/min) depends on the size of the wound core and ribbon thikness. For each machine it is defined by the following formulae:               n              
500 x (D-d)/S + 0,13
500 x (D-d)/S + 0,15
n - the spindle turning speed, mm 1400 1400
D* - core outer diameter, mm from 3,0 to 10,0 from 12,5 to 30,0
d* - core inner diameter, mm from 2,0 to 5,0 from 6,0 to 25,0
S - wound ribbon thikness, um from 15 to 25 from 15 to 25
Wound ribbon width, mm from 0,7 to 2,0 from 3,0 to 12,5
Power consumption, kW 0,25 max 0,3 max 
Supply voltage, V 198...242 (50 - 60 Hz) 198...242 (50-60 Hz)
Dimentions, mm 406 х 540 х 485 456 х 650 х 585
Machine weight, kg 50 max 90 max
* - Options are provided by special equipment supplied on request

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