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About us

Since the early nineties, PC MSTATOR’s management strived to open up the new horizons for the company, which became possible only with market economy system.

Over the last decade these efforts resulted in contacts with foreign partners from all over the world. Despite the ever increasing rate of production, MSTATOR was able to maintain the traditionally high quality of its products – a quality that had been taken for granted for all the products of the Soviet and then Russian aerospace industry.

People who led the PC "MSTATOR" during the reorganization period of the early nineties, are now striving to bring their factory to a new level through building and developing new business contacts, as well as further improvement of the process. 


Sergey Pavlov
General director  

The company's administration is trying to keep abreast of any and all events occurring on and around the plant – from technology issues to the signing of new contracts. These people are the real enthusiasts and see the company’s success as their main goal.

Today, all of the company’s products have passed the necessary certification and comply with current European and North American standards.

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