Wire winding according to customer's specifications

Winding transformers on request


MSTATOR provides services of transformersand chokes manufacture according to the client's technical documentation or the drawing attached to the application (power, input/output voltages, current, frequency, dimensions, etc.)


  • We employ experienced designers who will calculate the manufacture of a transformer / choke at an affordable price.
  • All manufactured products undergo a multistage 100% quality control inspection.
  • Transformers / chokes of our production are distinguished by the highest reliability and quality, as well as the ability to manufacture products in a short time.



Toroidal winding


Magnetic core diameter, mm Diameter of the wound wire, mm Length of the maximally wound wire, m


outer height


2 ~7

3 ~ 11

0,7 ~ 7

0,05 ~ 0,2



10 ~ 85

20 ~ 90

макс. 80

0,3 ~ 3



Winding on small magnetic cores

Current transformers

Power chokes

Common mode chokes




Winding in a row

We will wind transformers on frames and chokes on ferrites.

Various versions of transformers: with two or more windings, impregnated with varnish or without impregnation, with flexible or rigid outlets. The dimensions of the transformers are selected based on the customer's requirements.

Production is carried out on high-speed equipment:

  • on small frames: 2 VA ~ 28 VA, wire thickness 0.05 ~ 0.4 mm;
  • on large frames: 190VA ~ 10kVA, wire thickness 0.05 ~ 8mm.



Pulse power transformers

Signal transformers