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The current MSTATOR's product range includes a wide nomenclature of toroidal pulse transformers andtransformer modules, high-frequency chokes and special transformers for special ISDN telecommunication systems.

These products are mostly miniature, performed on wound cores of micronic amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys ribbons.

Originally themagnetic cores were made of permalloy electric ribbons. Back in the Soviet Union OJSC MSTATOR was the first enterprise to apply high-tech ribbons of amorphous and nanocrystalline alloyswith high EMC performance instead of permalloyribbons.

The whole range of magnetic cores is also the main product the company supplies to Russian and foreign customers.

Compactness and flexibility of MSTATOR ‘s manufacturing process allows to attach a wide range of electromagnetic and dimensional characteristics to each of these products to fulfill the requirements of each customer. The further products miniaturisation is one of the company’s priorities. In addition, the factory offers the unique equipment and tooling for mass production of magnetic cores made ofmicronic amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys ribbons and for winding toroidal transformer coils.

MSTATOR does not cease to develop and streamline the technological aspects of production. For this purpose a new, more sophisticated equipment (using, for example, high-performance brushless motors, developed in the factory’s research and development center), using which allows to increase both the volume of production, and flexibility of the production process while lowering production costs, is being put into operation. 

Along with the constant development of the existing product range, MSTATOR also launches its new types. Since recently, the factory provides transformers for residual current devices (RCD), necessary for the protection of both industrial and domestic circuits in case of sudden surges, short-circuits, fire and so on.

The produced RCD transformers may be of different standard sizes and characteristics.

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