About thirty years ago PC "MSTATOR" became the first enterprise of the former Soviet Union that started mass production of electromagnetic components based on amorphous soft magnetic alloys. Amorphous and later nanocrystalline ribbons have successfully replaced such conventional materials as permalloy and ferrite in a wide range of products.

At the same time the weight and size parameters of the products have improved substantially (2-3 times), the process of cores manufacturing has simplified, both material utilization rate and yield of components have increased. Technical characteristics have grown significantly

At the present we have a full range of modern equipment and technologies, from producing amorphous and nanocrystalline ribbons to packing finished electromagnetic components (toroidal cores, miniature pulse transformers and blocks, high frequency chokes and transformers for telecommunications systems, low-frequency power transformers, etc.).

Our products are supplied to leading Russian and foreign companies, competing successfully with the world’s leading manufacturers’ products. In addition, the factory offers the unique equipment and accessories for mass production of cores and transformers. All products are certified and meet national and foreign standards.